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About Telecom Niue

About us

Telecom Niue Ltd. is a company incorporated in and owned by the Government of Niue. It was formed out of the business and operations of the Department of Post and Telecommunications. In 2016 Telecom Niue was registered as a private company with the Government as the sole shareholder.

Niue is a small island in the Pacific Ocean with a population of around 1,500. Telecom Niue is the leading telecommunications services provider in the Niue Island offering mobile, broadband, fixed line and a range of other telecommunications technology-based services. In 2019, Niue Telecom launched an LTE network on Band 28 (700 MHz).

As a responsible corporate, Telecom Niue continues to commit to community and civic responsibilities through sponsorships and projects with innovative solutions to transform the lives of the Niue's people. Telecom Niue continues the journey of business innovation and excellence to drive a World Class Organization.

What we do

Telecom Niue’s primary business is service provider for

PSTN (land lines)

PSTN Services are provided by MSAN’s located around the country and connected via underground copper cable. ADSL services use the same infrastructure to provide data to households.

ADSL (Copper internet)

2G mobile

2G services are provided using the towers located and Kaho , Kaimiti and Sekena, this provides basic voice and SMS services to about a third of the country.


4G services are provided using towers located at Kaho, Sekena, Kaimiti, Mutalau, Hikutavake, Hakupu Paliati and Lakepa.

International calling

The data connectivity and international calling / receiving for Niue is done via the Manatua Fiber cable. Backup facility using satellite is also in place.

Open 24/7, TELECOM NIUE operators monitor

999 Emergency

Police dispatch monitoring

VHF Marine Services

UHF monitoring

Tsunami notification services

Fault Notification

System Other business

Management of the Government ICT network (GWAN)

Security Camera and swipe system installations

VSAT and satellite support

Technical support for government projects

Online top up of Prepaid Power system

24- hour monitoring

VHF Marine services and UHF monitoring along with Tsunami notification services are also provided by Telecom Niue and this is a 24/7 monitoring system. Police dispatch monitoring of police activities are recently commenced to ensure the Police have monitored activities during nighttime works.

ICT Support

Telecom Niue provides desktop and service support for the Government of Niue Computers systems, this includes the back-end servers and the backhaul fiber connectivity between each department.

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