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4G Wireless

4G Wireless

About 4G

Fourth generation wireless technology or 4G is the predecessor of 5G and an upgrade to 2G and 3G. In Niue, we went directly from 2G to 4G, adding capabilities like internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps, and voicemail in the process.

Unlike 5G which can only be used on certain devices, this wireless technology can be used on a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Do I need a new phone?

Perhaps. It depends on what make and model of phone you have, Telecom Niue network currently does not support Apple devices. If your phone supports, the spectrum bands that we use on our 4G (Band 28) then you do not need to change. If not, then you will need a new phone. Any iPhones with VoLTE will work on our network. Just ensure your phone is not network locked.

Will the phone come with a Data plan?

How can I get Telecom Niue 4G services activated?

It’s very easy. You need a 4G capable device compatible with Band 28, pick up a SIM from our shop at Airport or at Commercial Centre at Alofi South, our helpful Customer Service Representatives will help you in configuring your phone loading the calling app and suggesting the best bundles for your use. If you still cannot connect to the 4G Network, please contact our customer care by calling 015

What frequency does Telecom Niue Limited 4G use?

Telecom Niue Limited 4G Network uses 700 MHz frequency Band 28.


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