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Fibre Broadband

Fibre Broadband

About Fibre

Fibre broadband is the latest in fixed broadband technology, and is built to give you reliable, fast internet speeds for browsing, streaming and downloading. Perfect for organisations with several employees all needing to work digitally and seamlessly.

Upgrade your office internet connection to our fibre broadband and experience high speed and increased productivity.

Installation process

Checking your ONT

Before fibre broadband can be installed, please confirm that you have an Optical Network Terminal installed on your property, ideally next to a power socket to connect a modem.

Inspect premises

Then, one of our technicians will come around to your office and check if the premises meets all the requirements for a fibre optic connection.

Installation & setup

Finally, once our team has checked if everything is in place, we will complete the installation and set you up for high-speed internet!

What devices are supported on 4G?

Our new 4G LTE mobile network operates on 700 MHz spectrum (known as Band 28), which is common in Australia and New Zealand. You will need a device that supports this band. Given the large number of mobile phones available Telecom Niue Limited is unable to provide advice on which phones are supported.

What options do I have if my phone doesn’t have band 28

We have rent MIFI devices from our shops at the airport or Commercial Centre

Provided there is a landline where you stay, we have an ADSL service (internet service through cable)

You can make cash calls (call & pay after) at the office in Alofi

We have Public WIFI hotspot at the office in Alofi

Do I need a new phone?

Perhaps. It depends on what make and model of phone you have, Telecom Niue network currently does not support Apple devices. If your phone supports, the spectrum bands that we use on our 4G (Band 28) then you do not need to change. If not, then you will need a new phone. Any iPhones with VoLTE will work on our network. Just ensure your phone is not network locked.

Will the phone come with a Data plan?


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