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Fixed Data Plans

Fixed Data plans

We don't have any available bundle for this plan yet. Please check again later!

Fixed Data Plans are for 4G Modems, MIFIs, ADSL and optional for FWLL

Network information

Learn about the different networks we provide and which would suit you the best

Can I share my Data?

No, but there will be an option to transfer money from your account to someone else so they can then buy their own data allowance.

What if I forgot to recharge before data expired?

Your account would expire, and you will need to contact our Customer Service Representatives on 015 to reactivate your account.

What options do I have if my phone doesn’t have band 28

We have rent MIFI devices from our shops at the airport or Commercial Centre

Provided there is a landline where you stay, we have an ADSL service (internet service through cable)

You can make cash calls (call & pay after) at the office in Alofi

We have Public WIFI hotspot at the office in Alofi


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